Debra Rucker Coleman, Architect
Ordering Information: Shipping, Upgrades, and Credits
In this Section, you will find:
  1. Funds Accepted
  2. How to Order
  3. Shipping by Postal Mail
  4. Delivery by Email
  5. Credit for Previous Purchases
  6. Returns & Exchanges
  7. Order Cancellation
1) Funds & Orders Accepted
Sun Plans reserves the right to refuse or cancel orders and services where unreasonable requests are made or expected, or where the method of payment is questionable.
2) How to Order
There are several ways to order our house plan products and services. 
3) Shipping by Postal Mail
4) Delivery by Email
5) Credits for Previous Purchases
  • When Construction Prints or CAD Files are placed, previous purchases of books, Study Plans and Review Sets from Sun Plans can be credited to the order. (There are exceptions if the customer required an excessive amount of consulting prior to placing the order or if a Quote Quote estimate had been provided, but declined, for Sun Plan to make adaptations.)
  • They can even be credited if the customer orders a completely different Sun Plan design.
  • Sun Plans will credit or refund the amount after the order is placed.  (With each order, past history can be checked based on the email address used and the name, but an email reminder from the customer is appreciated as well especially if a spouse or partner made the initial order or a different email address was used.)
6) Return & Exchange Policy
7) Order Cancellation and Changes Policy
For other general business policies, please Contact Us.