Debra Rucker Coleman, Architect
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Past E-Newsletters
Spring Equinox 2023
  Floor plans in progress, sun-inspired design
Winter Solstice 2022
  Inspiring Interiors, Passive Solar Design Basics Webinar
Spring Equinox 2022
  New designs, ventilation, House Designs Recently Completed
Fall Equinox 2021
   New designs, photos, and comments; Upcoming Designs; ASES 2021 Conference; Tools for planning & siting
Summer Solstice 2021
   New house design, new photos, American Solar Energy Society & National Solar Tour - host or attend
Spring Equinox 2021
   New and upcoming house plans, passive solar books, planning a custom design
Winter Solstice 2020
   National Solar Tour Wrap-Up, new passive solar house plans, news from home owners
Fall Equinox 2020
   2020 National Solar Tour, home owner photos and comments, passive cooling surprises 
Summer Solstice 2020
    New plans including one changed to a sleek, modernized version. HVAC design.
Fall Equinox 2019
    Designing a KISS home, photos, Energy Vanguard for HVAC design, Driving to Net 0
Summer Solstice 2019
    New designs, owner comments, Green Building Advisor, A Pretty Good House
Winter Solstice 2018
   All is calm, all is bright...
Summer Solstice 2018
   Bright thoughts from Happy Home Owners, Importance of third-party HERS rater info
Nov 13, 2017
  20-90% Passive Solar Savings & KISSS Sun Calc Tool
Fall Equinox 2017
  See the four newest designs and Solar Decathlon information.
Summer Eclipse 2017
  Read about the importance of the sun in buildings and comments from owners.
Spring 2017
   Release of updated website!
Winter Solstice 2016
     An entire year of new plans, designs under way and photos and comments from home owners
Summer Solstice 2015
     New sun-inspired designs, comments from home owners.
Spring Equinox 2015
      Read about Zero Energy Home Design, Updated Create-A-SunPlan process and Sun-inspired homes both for sale and under construction.
Fall Equinox 2014
      Home Power Articles on RISE house and interview with Sun Plans' architect
Summer Solstice 2014
Four new house plans, comments from sun-inspired home owners 
Spring 2014
Four new house designs added, disadvantages of can lighting
Winter Solstice 2013 
Holiday Greetings and New Open House added
Fall Equinox 2013
Nature-Inspired design, shade lines from Canada, comments from sun-inspired home owners
Architect reflects on importance of designing around nature and views
Spring Equinox 2013
Take the Sun Plans survey about what you'd like in a home and vote on your favorite upcoming design.
Winter Solstice 2012
       Comments and Articles on Net Zero Homes and New Designs
Fall Equinox 2012
       Sunny and Simple home examples.
Summer Solstice 2012
Sun Plans Celebrates 10 year Anniversary by reflecting on past and future home designs
Spring Equinox 2012
Planning a Sun-Inspired Home Begins with the Site Analysis