Debra Rucker Coleman, Architect
Sun-Inspired House Design & Passive Solar Energy
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Sun & Light
Sun-Inspired House Plans (Sun Plans) incorporate home design concepts related to the movement of the sun. They incorporate passive solar, passive cooling, energy-efficient construction, green building, and sustainability.
"Sun-Inspired" is a phrase that architect Debra Rucker Coleman of Sun Plans Inc. started using in the 1980s, when the phrase "passive solar" still had negative connotations because of the widely perceived uninviting solar homes of the 1970s.
A Sun-Inspired House is: 
Sun-Inspired Houses Have: 
Each home on this web site was originally designed for one particular family. Every space is based on the unique needs of the home owners. With clients ranging from simple needs and low budgets to complex needs and higher budgets, a sun-inspired home is within the reach of everyone.